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"In the United States, small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy with over 65% of new jobs and 44% of economic activity.  Most advice on HR practices (e.g., talent, rewards, learning & development, culture, performance management) focuses on large firms. Bartlow and Harris fill in a major gap in HR practice by offering plans and basic solutions for delivering HR work in smaller firms.  This is an exceptional “to use” and “to do” book by offering specific plans and actions for small and mid-sized businesses and their HR leaders.  An exceptional contribution." 


Ph.D., Rensis Likert Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan; Partner the RBL Group

"Finally! Help for the unique challenges of small and high-growth companies aiming to scale their people and organization. Bartlow and Harris offer a refreshing, evidence-based perspective, with clear examples and actionable frameworks from real Series A, B and C organizations, not just the practices of large companies." 


Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Management and Organization and Senior Research Scientist with the Center for Effective Organizations, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

“Leading through rapid growth is so often experienced as chaos, with unexpected people challenges seemingly around every corner. Scaling for Success provides an impressive roadmap for making sense of the madness, crafting a plan that works for your organization, and executing a winning people strategy. Rooted in decades of HR practice and research, Bartlow and Harris offer direct and actionable advice tailored specifically for high growth organizations.”


Ph.D., Professor, Harvard Business School, and author of Edge: Turning Adversity into Advantage

"Bold, grounded and full of wisdom. It’s not every day a founder can pick up a book and practically have A to Z covered when it comes to setting up their people functions. Whether you’re a small and mighty team, or a scaling organization, Scaling for Success isn’t just another best practice treasure chest. It’s an actual blueprint for founders at any stage and scale who want to maximize their impact as an organization and create a strong foundation for their culture. It asks the hard questions that are shared through fascinating case studies. This book shows you that being world-class should just be accessible to large well-known brands. Every page is riddled with insights and frameworks that make it easy for leaders to create and connect the dots as they scale up. An absolute a must read for founders, CEOs and people leaders who believe that investing in creating a great organization through its people is table stakes.”


Head of People Products & Strategy, Human Experience Design (HxD), Google X the moonshot factory

"Scaling for Success explores the realities of what it really takes to scale a company.  It is a must read for high-growth company leaders.  This book will help you think about how and when to hire and/or promote leaders.  It will ensure that you have set out goals & responsibilities that are clear and non-conflicting--so your people are completely aligned to where you are going without duplication of effort.  Clearly, Andrew Bartlow and Brad Harris have created your ultimate roadmap to growth."


Chief People Officer, Zoom Video Communications


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